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    Whitepaper 로써는 내용이 많이 부실하네요. Dallas 사이트 첫페이지 내용만 읽어도 되겠어요~!
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    Dallas is Microsoft's Information Service, build on and part of the Windows Azure platform to provide developers and information workers with friction-free access to premium content through clean, consistent APIs as well as single-click BI/Reporting capabilities


  1. Introduction
    • An Internet search is likely to locate several competing data suppliers each praising their dataset. How can the customer make a fair and direct comparison of the dataset features to select the one most suitable?
    • Microsoft Codename "Dallas" provides a single, consistent marketplace for high quality information in the cloud
    • Content partners with such data can use it to publish their information globally and increase their reach. Subscribers can make clear comparisons between datasets and rapidly subscribe and integrate data. Consistent and scalable billing and auditing ensure good value for money. And with rich integrations into Visual Studio, Office, and SQL Server, Dallas makes it easy to discover, explore, and use data of all types – real time information, images, reports, databases, and remote web services to power consumer as well as enterprise solutions.


  2. Key Features
    • A Global Marketplace for Information
    • Extending the Reach and Scale of Your Data
    • A Brokerage for Information and Reports
      • It could be stored in Windows Azure Storage or SQL Azure
      • Third-party clouds and private data centers are also supported
      • By conforming to the Dallas SLA and content provider agreements.
        • So, it provides high-quality data and excellent service
    • Disparate Content Types
    • Unified Billing Infrastructure
      • Content provider can tag the data to supply semantic hints.
    • Robust Security and Availability
      • How about hacking like bulk copy from subscriber who takes information using dallas?
    • Analytics Features
      • Is it similar to working of Google Trends?
    • Integration with Information Worker Applications
      • Reports in several frontend  app like Access or SQL Server can mash up data from the local database with Dallas data.
    • A Rich Set of Tools


  3. Scenarios
    • Developers
      • Identify the most appropriate content
      • Use service explorer tool that can return results in Atom 1.0 or raw formats
      • Dallas APIs are built on the REST architecture and static services will feature full support for the Open Data Format specification.
    • Data Mash-Ups
      • A mash-up is any application or visualization that combines data from more than one source to provide a new experience.
    • Independent Software Vendor
    • Reporting and Analysis
      • The analysis can work with all of on-premise data and data from Dallas catalog.
    • Mining Data for Trends
    • Buying and Selling Information
      • Through a unified and scalable billing infrastructure, vendors do not need to solve some annoy process like payment and invoice.


  4. Architectural Overview
    • Data Access Architecture
      • Dallas can be accessed from many platforms.
    • Publication Architecture
      • Data Access Layers(DALs) encapsulate all the logic required to query the data store and remote web services.
    • Information and Service Quality Bar
      • Microsoft investigates Service Level Agreement(SLA) about datasets from 3rd party cloud services or data centers for storage
    • Information Quality Criteria


  5. Conclusions and Next Steps
    • Summary
      • Codename "Dallas" reduces the friction in all the steps required to discover, explore and acquire information to power developers and information workers
        • Really?
      • Dallas can covers many requirements from
        • Contents providers
        • Developers
        • Information workers


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  1. Microsoft 의 클라우드 글들에선 Friction 이라는 단어와 Leverage 라는 단어가 특히 눈에 들어온다.

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